Amana Christian Early Learning CentreOur teachers¬†are dedicated to supporting your child to grow as happy, confident learners in a safe, stimulating environment. Activities are varied and suited to each child’s age and development. A high teacher-to-child ratio provides individual attention, enabling children to be well grounded at the beginning of their educational journey.

Our programme and planning are based around the Early Childhood Curriculum of Te Whariki. It includes group and individual experiences that are assessed regularly within a Christian context.

Our close association with Amana Christian School enables us to integrate 4-year-olds into the year 1 curriculum. Most children are well prepared for their transition to school.

We also encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s learning. This could include writing your own stories about your child to include in their profile book, having discussions with the teachers about the interests your child has or even just spending time reading your child’s profile book with them at the centre.

Feel free to speak to one of the teachers if you have any questions relating to our programme and planning.