Amana Christian Early Learning CentreYou can call in and collect an enrolment form and meet the teaching team. Or you can download one here. Either way, we thank you for enrolling your child with us. We look forward to having you become part of our community.

Download an Enrolment Form

You’ll receive an Enrolment Form and a “Me” sheet in the enrolment pack.¬†These need to be completed and brought in on your child’s first day.

Things your child will need to bring

Parents provide a lunch box for their children which will include morning and afternoon tea. Children bake once a week, which we provide the ingredients for. We ask that you provide healthy food choices such as sandwiches, yoghurt, fruit, vegetables, muffins, crackers, cheese and cold meats. We discourage sweets, chocolate and anything with a high artificial colour content. Please ensure all lunch boxes are clearly named.

If your child has a bottle, please supply this pre-made and named.


Please supply all the nappies and wipes your child will need each day. If your child uses cloth nappies we are willing to maintain this at the centre, but you will have to bring your own cloth nappies with your child.


Please supply extra clothes for your child in case of accidents or messy play. We ask that your child is dressed appropriately for the day. We stress the need for jackets and hats on cold days and sun hats on for warm days. All clothing needs to be named and collected at the end of each day.