We are pleased to have qualified, experienced and registered teachers to provide quality planning and programmes for your child.

Lyn Glendining (Manager)

Lyn GlendiningLyn has completed her Early Childhood Teaching Degree, June 2017. She has had a lifetime of loving and caring for children. Lyn attends Elim church and loves serving on the hospitality team. She enjoys spending time with her family, and grandchildren. I am blessed to work in an environment that reflects my Christian values and faith in my teaching practice. I believe that all people should have equal and equitable opportunities. I am committed to teaching the children in my care, about our bi-cultural responsibility honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi. I provide teaching experiences to suit children with different learning abilities. I value children for their unique talents and abilities. I advocate for children’s rights, for their health and safety, and for my colleagues. I value play as a pedagogy, children learn through playful meaningful experiences. I believe that forming reciprocal relationships with children, their whanau, families, and the community are crucial in providing for the needs of children. God bless. Nga mihi Lyn.

Debbie Bethune (Head Teacher)

Debbie BethuneDebbie Bethune is an early childhood teacher with a lot of experience working in a variety of settings. She believes that we are all teachers and learners and we learn from each other. She is passionate about being part of a team that is responsible for making children excited about learning and feels building reciprocal relationships is key. Since Debbie has taken on the role as Head Teacher she has striven to create a community-based approach to running the Centre. Many of the parents have taken on various roles to help out at the Centre, sharing their expertise with the children. The teachers are also being encouraged to take on leadership roles in areas where they have a particular interest or strength.

Michelle Littlejohn (Teacher)

I have worked in Montessori Childhood Centres and have learnt many different techniques in an independent environment. Children are accepted, valued and respected as individuals, as are their parents and whanau.   At Amana I am blessed to work in an environment that reflects my Christian values and faith in my teaching practice and learning. I value being able to teach the children about the Bible at group times, karakia and through their daily routines.

Through my teaching at Amana I believe I provide a warm, nurturing, stimulating and challenging quality learning environment, where children’s learning and development is enhanced through responsive and reciprocal relationships, and positive and encouraging interactions. We as teachers strive to develop and build partnerships with families where both parties can be involved in a relationship where skills, ideas, resources and information are shared and acknowledged. Our Bi-cultural responsibility honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Self  Review. We achieve this by noticing, recognising and responding to children’s learning through active listening, knowing our children well and working with them at their level. We as a teaching team focus on quality learning around the children’s interests and opportunities  which focuses on a quality learning environment that enhances children’s achievements. We hope that you will share some of your knowledge with us, as it can only enrich us all.

God Bless,  Aroha

Ngā Mahi Michelle. 🙂

Diana Janssen (Teacher)

Diana completed her Bachelor of Education (teaching ECE) in 2005. I came to teaching a little later than most as I had the privilege of being a stay at home mum to my children. I attend Caversham Baptist Church and really enjoy being part of this Christian community. Through the medium of play based learning I really embrace the Maori  concept of Tuakana – teina in my teaching – where the older or more expert (tuakana) helps the younger or less expert (teina) in an early childhood environment that recognizes the value of ako which acknowledges that the tuakana-teina roles can be reversed at any time. I find that I learn just as much from the children as I hope I help them to learn.

Geoff Vucetich (Teacher support)

Geoff VucetichGeoff trained as a counsellor, focusing his studies on children and youth. He has since worked as a tertiary teaching assistant and in youth ministry before joining the team at Amana as a support person. Geoff works with a strengths-focused approach, helping children toward their God-given potential by encouraging them to develop their interests and gifts. He enjoys developing relationships where learning and discovery are a shared experience. In his spare time, Geoff loves teaching others about Jesus through Bible studies and preaching.

Rodney Horrell (Centre Administrator)

Rodney feels he has been blessed to be able to work for the Taieri Christian Schools Association with it’s two schools: Amana Christian School and the Amana Christian Early Learning Centre. Rodney has National Certificates in Business Administration and Computers, and a Level 4 Business Management. He has worked for the T.C.S.A.I. since 2015 and works in the administration role for both schools.

I have been a born again Christian for over 25 years and believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ died for my sins, was buried and rose again on the 3rd day according to the Scriptures (the Bible). It is an honour to work alongside other Christian preschool teachers, parents and children.